- MOMAR seeks to broaden the parameters of the fine art world by fostering a multi-disciplinary interaction among innovators in painting, music, poetry, performance and the visual arts.

- MOMAR encourages innovation and challenges convention in Art, but reveres the traditional artistic values of beauty, craft, spirituality and history.

- MOMAR rejects the notion that art can be valued or devalued on a purely commercial level.

- MOMAR seeks to create a new approach to art patronage that includes but extends beyond the conventions of financial support and criticism, and allows for nontraditional contributions to and from the community, including volunteering, charity work and education.

- MOMAR is founded on the principle that Art has a conscience, is relevant and can foment positive social change.  MOMAR believes that artists are responsible for illuminating truth.

- MOMAR answers the eternal question "What Is Art?" with another question: "what isn't?"

- MOMAR encourages interaction between artists and audience, and partners at will with like-minded organizations.

- MOMAR is finite.  It is not an ongoing concern.  Its building and its organization will disappear.

- MOMAR can, and will, party.


Info: inquiries@museumofmodernarthur.com