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In Stores On April 17th 2007

January 8, 2007 – Less than seven months after the release of his most critically acclaimed album to date - Nuclear Daydream, Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts will release two brand new albums this year.

Immediately following the conclusion of Joseph Arthur’s most recent tour, Arthur along with his new band - The Lonely Astronauts (Kraig Jarret Johnson on keyboard and guitars (Golden Smog, The Jayhawks), Jennifer Turner on guitar (Fur Slide, Natalie Merchant), Greg Wieczorek on drums (Twilight Singers, The Honorary Title) and Sibyl Buck on bass (Champion Of Sound, Milk 4 Cats) became entrenched in a Los Angeles based studio for three weeks after seven consecutive weeks of non-stop touring.

The new material came so fast and furious for the band (rumors are that over 80 songs were recorded during the sessions) that Arthur has decided to release two albums from these sessions. The first - Let’s Just Be will arrive on April 17th, 2007.

“The idea for us was to record all of these new songs straight to tape using only 16 tracks with no reverb, sort of a back to basics like how the Stones or Neil Young used to record,” commented Arthur. “These albums are really a band effort, there was a lot of collaboration in the studio and quite a few songs on the album were co-writes.”

The tracks confirmed to appear on Let’s Just Be so far include: “Diamond Ring,” “Good Life,” “Precious One,” “Here Comes The Spaceman,” “Take Me Home,” “Chicago,” “Cockteezzze,” “Lonely Astronaut,” “Cocaine Feet,” “Let’s Just Be,” Shake It Off,” “Lack A Vision,” “Gimmie Some Company,” “I Will Carry It,” “Yer The Reason,” and “Star Song.”

“Diamond Ring,” has already been described as the best song the Rolling Stones didn’t write for Exile On Main Street. “Take Me Home,” and “Lack A Vision,” are heartbreakingly beautiful. While “Lonely Astronaut” clocks in at over twenty minutes.

“That song just developed live while we were playing it in the studio. We only did one overdub on that entire track. Our idea was to go directly into the studio to maintain the vibe and capture the spirit of our live shows which after almost two months of touring became quite focused.”

Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts are already making plans to tour in support of this release. Details will be announced once they are confirmed.