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For Immediate Release      January 10, 2008 

Four EP Series Unfolds With ‘Could We Survive’
(March 18th / Lonely Astronaut) and
‘Crazy Rain’ (April 15th)
Additional EPs in June and July  

Full-length ‘Temporary People’
To Be Released September 30th 

“One of our most emotionally revealing and 
talented singer-songwriters” – Vanity Fair 

This spring marks the return of maverick songsmith Joseph Arthur with the release of two EPs - the raw, atmospheric pop of ‘Could We Survive’ (March 18th / Lonely Astronaut), followed by the near-techno and wonderfully chaotic ‘Crazy Rain' (April 15th).  Arthur and his own label, Lonely Astronaut Records, will be releasing a series of four EPs this year, leading up to the full-length ‘Temporary People’ (September 30th).  The final two will be available nationally June 10th and July 8th.  

‘Could We Survive’ and ‘Crazy Rain’ are the follow-ups to Joseph’s two critically acclaimed full-length albums, both released in 2006 - ‘Let’s Just Be’ (“it’s a ride and it’s a good one” – NY Times) and ‘Nuclear Daydream,’ hailed by Paste Magazine as “endlessly ponderable and disturbingly beautiful.”   

An acclaimed painter and Grammy-nominated visual artist, Joseph often creates his artwork while taking breaks during writing and recording.  He has written, performed and produced nearly all of the music on these five albums and recorded most of the material in his newly opened Brooklyn art gallery, the Museum of Modern Arthur.  

Catch Joseph Arthur at SXSW and on tour throughout the spring and summer, and visit his ongoing exhibition at the Museum of Modern Arthur, like you should.  

‘Could We Survive’ track listing:  1) “Rages of Babylon,” 2) “Morning Cup,” 3) “Shadows of Lies,” 4) “Could We Survive,” 5) ”Walk Away,” 6) “King of the Pavement”