Ostrich in Ottersum 26
Amster Amster Damn Damn, damn 25
London falling 24
injured in Bristol 23
One down 22
Manchester morning after twenty hours sleeping and a big free beautiful English breakfast fry up 21
Now itís English country side 20
A rude awakening on the way to Melbourne 18
Grace jones is the ocean and fistful say goodbye for now 17
I prefer the shit hole 16
Austrailia is spelled Australia 15
LA tidal wave on a pedal board spaceship 14
Rehearsal in LA 13
Crash Landing - Shanghai 12
Tripping Under a River - Shanghai 11
Fake Shit - Shanghai 10
Separated in Shanghai - Shanghai 9
The Great Wall - Bejing 8
Bejing 7
Hot Streak - Hong Kong Day 5
Macau - Hong Kong Day 4
The Acid Kicked In - Hong Kong Day 3
Blow Up - Hong Kong Day 2
The Thousand Year Old Egg - Hong Kong Day 1
I woke up at 430
Inside of me there is a begging bowl
We are melting
In the Dark of Graveyard Chatter
I Overhear Music
Infinity's Mirror
Thoughts on Art
Last Few Moments
After the Show
True Grit
To All of You Sleeping
Your only job
Ride thru the city
Propelled by love
I like it when the faucet is on
East village mystic
Some days
Somedays you do anything to stay in
I still can't ride through Williamsburg
Ps. Songs I post here are wayward children
Burgundy Sun
spanking diamonds with flapjacks and grits
She ran into the store
the circus blew thru me
For your consideration
late night coast out wing span extend
we are our own ghosts
There is a healing
elastic handcuffs
Is there a mother of exiles
Stanley kubrick’s ultra violent breakfast in the key of F# minor
Find one thing
It’s bed time at the end of the world
As it shakes death into us
The humanity fade
Here the Virgin Mary prays for Che
A poet must reserve the right to write badly
thats what i like
the dream hasn’t changed but i have
Nightclothes (from the night before)
The problem with god
whoever does not believe
judy garland was on the cover of life
a self that doesnt exist
in an old light
She puts her dust under your fingers
free freedom
goodnight song
i have no service
Kandinsky is in my room
give it over (missy baba)
The new kings of this old place
Oh he'll never behave correctly
goodnight obsessive
dear reader part 2
the crash
wha hoo
Sunlight drops and the dawn of two thousand and nine
the snake
God u people are sweet
The disappearing ones
Nude models go on strike
For a little peace of mind
a revolutionary idea
i miss the zoo
black rose
this room breathes heat
graduation ceremony
she called me sand
i love u sundown
lizard brain rock politics
change has come
redemption city
bon joey 
this was written long ago in brooklyn
But life is more than a dream inside a dream waking up
using a mirror to write backwards
guess whose curly lips i saw coming thru the entrance?
i dont know if this helps but
boom (speaks crop)
I was halfway thru the Milky Way before I really saw what was going on
ten things i said to the mirror when my name was norman
The Holy Ghost riding me like a pony
an eagle riding a motorcycle
murdered sacred cow
Apocalypse in St Louis
a howdy doody in flames
East village serenade
disciples of grace
monkey claw
powder hearts
the singer of light
having a plan is even more fun than being nude
Pyramidal Witness
the ant
guns n roses
coffee with Napoleon
open letter to my muse 2
open letter to my muse 4
Worlds to occupy the void
open letter to my muse #3
open letter #5
an open letter to my muse
Breath freedom
It;s easy!
Ruined in rouen
Speaking italian the pigeon flies over me
I remember now. Someone nice might see you and wave back.
An interview with freedom
Looking like prayer
Springing from my odyssey
From the corner of some nowhere
The birds the dead man the girl and the scar
Sometimes I’m always
And so we went to the movies
Fer Real
Whatever it takes
New York yer busted!
the world is a flood
black flowers
I snake around
love has become one of the rarest experiences
spiritual mexico
art is the nipple of god
the jaina monk
the captain says
bones of generations
i have nothing but bliss to offer
cracked mmessiah
volcano volcano fucking volcano
swollow the sun
nothing much
rat planet
carbon monoxide
magic chances us all
in the city there is grace
you dance on skulls
the ballad of boogie christ
take a chance
three thousand flowers a second
hide and seek psychic past arms of the maiden
come with me jack
boogie christ
now that the melanoma is gone
the longing of transcendence
historical ones
bag is hot
the actor and the waitress
thru this microphone
the digital tit
strange hitcher or a black hole laughing
along the fractures
you’re an idiot
the tao of tompkins square park 
foreign girls
when still you roam
serenades of dust
the monkeys will make it to the stars
still strangers
come with revolution
the voice of the sun and the language of the ape
the genius hours
the gods pass bottles
conversation of stars
or i love you
jazz is cruel to its masters
medication station
yes (again)
gimmie a kiss this must be bliss
Disembodied I walk on digital dunes
the wee small hours
right before the entrance I 35 going north
the old man who dances
the night was about to bloom into glory
nuclear bombs and nylons
those rooms
heading down to texas 
spiritual kmart 
flower and fade
the woman weeping
a perfect word
ladder of oblivion
dirt and flame
popeye and satan
king tut of the modern age
pavarotti and the ghost of joey ramone
the idiot moons
pink crosses
hookers and fools
chokealot and popcorn
will u be our valentine
the fmlag
Yes Yes
True American Rebel
world full of aliens
oh and vampires.....they real
the new statue of liberty
street hustle euphoria and the ghost at the center of the void 
bridge to oblivion
God's piano
He will be missed
Drum machine
304 Roky Erickson Drive
when jesus committed suicide
genius smoothie
love is funny
no universe more strange than the one you call home
friends for life
Mutilated guard dogs
Rock n roll splendor
one hundred and one t shirt ideas
further research
one more drive thru paradise
things i forgot to send
Desolation row
Love and be loved
Marlon brando moon
splattering spiders and the hand of God
Faded faces rockets and bombs
Rock n roll is mutilation
Death orgasm
It's the trip
Blood of Giants
Buddah belly full of christ cornflakes
Frenzied roses
Rubber Soul
Born again room 666
We are very nearly gonna land
Falling like flying
Yeah but life aint lyrics in some song
God likes his humans to kick ass
The Devil
Vagrants and Wheat Thins
open for business
Buried under a thousand pastels
Humanity 101
Communist Barbie
Devils broom
Thru the eyes of leonard cohen’s dog
Her voice, leaks, and obvious displeasure
Airport insecurity
The night is always easier than the day
The loneliest shack in the world
Candy bars
This is a poem about nothing
Let the waves set you free
Holding the void
The blind curator
Harmonica junky
Raised in the arms of cheetahs
one more night in austin
Americas best value inn
No surrender comes for free
Bloodless angel
Desert avenue
I throw myself to the mercy of the world
Junk for the elite
'm going to jasper johns house
Real free
I wish you were a snake skin belt
Fat Elvis
Sharky’s machine
Are u depressed?
Birds on the tops of trees
Vaginas of the past
The burn
Oh well
You got nerve
Yer not the only one
Drummer joke
Forced Anarchist
Cleopatra sinatra
A heart is wider than the sky
I used to know how to walk on water 
Oh wait a minute......
Skies the limit 
Nothing is glamorous
The ice cream party
Dontcha think?
Post script to the tour
So this is the art world
why right?
Its funny
How to make a horse drink
A face like a mountain shifting my direction
They give what they can
Look out!
God speed
Depression in the back lounge
Tough enough
Life and life only
A real letter to the editor of Paste magazine
The essence of expression
Toenail moon
Desert snakes
Like a heart in the hills of hollywood
Rock n Roll Heart
Howdy Doody
Room 207
Sun sinking in a day gone by
Green letters
Outside the double door
We came thru cleveland
Bad is the new good
Echo of goodbye
The rare ones
Boston tea party
Wildly uneven
Just north of nowhere
Sad lips to kiss and a memory of montreal
Also by heart
Tonight we ride
Radio rain
Do you speak french?
This drawing is a story
Panties and power chords
William Blake
I gave Bruce a hug
White shades
Split pea soup
sometimes it all comes back around
Gold circle sugar coma
Like christmas in summer
Cities on Fire
Every one of us
Pounding out heat
A zombie wants life too
The Ax
Mirror blades
Started going down
The easy way out
this aint a suicides letter just a poem. God bless
Lost baby in the city
The new ones
The big sleep
I give it down
Suicide grifters
u people rok
The darkness surrounding
Grey eyes like glowing cyber space 
Shattered smoke
For the gods 
The knife
I'm smoking a newport here's why
Burn thru the stations
And what will we do?
Somewhere against my will
I get weird
I will
Electric toothpaste
Holy breath
Bloody mary
land of zombies
The storm
Shirley and garland
Prayer for freedom
Jesus was a rebel 
The wild bunch on acid
Inside the outside worlD
The blade
Tiger eye
Life has its ways 
Everywhere you go
The weaping meadow of goodbyes
Ps for those who don't live in america or don't pay attention to grammys
I almost forgot
Death by cop
Stolen masterpiece
Walls of pain
Rembrandts empty frame
Boston haircuts
Declaration of trandepenence
Will pimp for food
Child song and mother
Pornographic bullshit (don't read this)
Tranny messiah
Have you ever seen a painting
Jill the red bikini bass scream ma nurse on nuts of fire
bob dylan jessica simpson kraig jarret david poe paste magazine and diddy
th e wo rds ag ain
mama said
Letters from a self deepresyhating meglowmanyaAkk
God has a champagne room
The observer
Come with love or don't come at all
We just may
Twilight singers
Who the fluck is caring bla? 
822 06 ..2
African Journal
The dentist
Sindy's dream
Who are you?
Industry Buzz
I woke up today
I come down
Mouse Life
Thoughts from a suicide
me and my mom
Ps about what's in my fridgE
A River Blue
End of re tire meant
Dontcha wanna know what's in josephs fridge?
Celebration of life
Re tire meant
the will to prey
Before I forget part two
I love that girl
Rectangular mind
holy eyes
Super tranny
Before I forget
dreaming was i
The crazy misadventures of sindy and shelly
Purple Rain
Whisper of whispers
Strings of Silence
All the old heroes
Kingdom Come
Places we go
Lydia mullin a way quit smoking and calling yerself the messiah
More rules of know rules
Rules of creative bombast
Before the snow
Let me clear everything up
Words and hope and a soul that flies to its own unmistakable privv ledge ( the sky)
I walk down the street like a bipolar bear on fire
Rocky Balboa
My name is satan
Let me bee real clear
Space of space
Mama said don't knock u out
Black tooth's puppet
A girl named everyone
Book of sobs
The muse um of mod ern art hur
watch ouut
I'm runnin fer president
Tranny Sandwitch
Officers of the Law
Silver hat
indian fud
Pimp Superstar
Cop Dust
King of Flames
One jesus at a time
Wit nest
city tooth
Moments like theez
Moments like theez
Once again
No one under 18 shood read dis unless yer in france den you cood be 16
the day I'm leavin LA
why wouldn't I
Hit single
we began to dance again
Invisible Woman
tiny kings
Hallelujah king
We fell out
I am the gong
Show of nobody
Lollipop sprise
PS2 let me jest
Let me jest
The who
Hey listen
Shit that would make an insomniac sleep
Bee a Leaf
You Know What
From where I cam
2007 hello?!?!?!..@?
Cross Eyed Boy
Serial Killer Crisp
People like to pretend
That Moment
Bust Me
PS to Christmas
TV Sucks the Fuck out of You
Twisted Snake
Merry Christmas
Somehow Yer Always Five
Strange lines
111 am
Wedding Dance
Merry xxxmas babies
Dirty White Suit
The lost art of listening
Pms aagain from jil
I Am a Revolution
Punk Rock Souldier
Who are these people
Chinese trannies
Here's a cuple tings
Peter gabriel I stole yer shirt
Already home
Sometimes in the heat of the moment 
The bass
You Shine
Hey listen
I'm a ninja
Let's Rejoice
Masterbating masterpiece
Almost anything
Hell is what comes to collect the debt
to not be or rot bee or don't
Someone said
My Voice
You already know it
Here's the reason
Fool Moon
I have to p
I already am
Love. and dynamite
I lost no I didn't
Big Kiss
If its a drag then fuk it
Acid Zombie
Brians. Right
goodnight and goodmorning
Too Low for Radio Use
the gift
What Gives
We love eachother
Don't worry babbies
Punch and Lunch
That's all
Drnk babies
The neve keeps speakin
God Mixed It
everything is GOD
romeo in blue jeans
Blind Date
We bomb the hills
I'm savved
It's weird
Straight Up
Evil Eye
The Magic Chances it All
Sexy Bitch
Do Your Thing
I Am
Jen's Song
Helium balloons
Sometimes you are the cut so what
All the way outta love
Souls keep bouncing
Muhammad Ali 111306
just a feeling 033106d
when we go
we approach death
you can't make love to a telephone
matterhorn matinee
on a boat from ireland to england 101705
i saw a nail driven into his hand
knowing now what i know now
earth to you
so many years go by in a minute
i feel like a wild thing
where did you go to ruin your soul
paris mid august
sleeping all over paris
a low voice love song
spain sometime ago
a girl with the name of the moon
the last time I was Here
paris after the death of christ
paris 073005b
paris hotel
paris 073005
scotland 072405
another time in london
sometime in london
akron 051305
sometime in new orleans
on our way home nyc 042005
near a nearer place 041905
somewhere near 041905
i think we were leaving 041805
anmoore wva 041805
morgantown 041605
on our way to west virginia 041605
brooklyn 041205
almost brooklyn 041105
magic fire music 041005
northampton 041005
crappy self help poem 040905
dream in arlington
arlington 040705
almost philly 040605
atlanta to philly 040505
punk song 05
somewhere sometime
nashville 040305
@ lousiville 040205