When I first heard Jo’s music, his lyrics jumped out at me. I love his words, love his music. It’s great to see some of his best written work assembled. His words rattle and rumble and prise open the cage.
— Peter Gabriel, musician.
To riff off a riff; to update Ginsberg’s holy HOWL; to stand this naked; to wrestle an attention deficit world into a moment’s shivering standstill, just for a spiked breath of reflection: Wow. Joseph Arthur writes, builds, paints, draws, and creates because he has no choice. It is our luck that he does so.
— Michael Stipe of REM.
Being around Jo makes me want to create. That’s all. That’s everything.
— Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and RNDM.
Joseph Arthur is one of those rare artists who does it all—he makes you think, makes you look at the word differently, makes your heart sing, makes your soul weep. The sublime ``I Miss The Zoo`` will make you wax nostalgic and rethink the obvious. Do not miss it.
— Harlan Coben, NY Times best-selling author.
Joseph Arthur 2016. Photo: Ehud Lazin.
Joseph Arthur 2016. Photo: Ehud Lazin.
JOSEPH ARTHUR. Toronto. March 13, 2016 Dustin Rabin Photography
JOSEPH ARTHUR, photo by René Bolduc.
JOSEPH ARTHUR by Danny Clinch.