foreign girls

Seems like all of New York is out today
Tompkins square park
A guitarist plays for himself and some pigeons on a green bench
Blending with children's voices dancing in a playground
And muffled adults addressing concerns .. phones evil glaze
People read and dream and throw paper airplanes
In the heat and the haze
As birds watch people twist
And act all strange
All of new york is out today
Tired of being locked in from the winter which just dragged on
Now foreign girls sit next to me
Chatting and smoking
And giggle
They've trapped me
By their beauty
And yet I don't have the energy to start a conversation
I smell their smoke and perfume
And don't know what to say
Other than hello
But instead I sit in silence and mystery
Typing these words into this little machine

Foreign girls
In new york
Sit and smoke
Smoke and talk
Looking for
Dudes and lust
Looking for
A cherry bust
Foreign girls
With speedy tongue
Old enough
But still too young
Sit in daze
Summer glow
By the dude
They want to know

Foreign girls
Plan to drink
Musica and
Lust won't think
Foreign girls
With ripped jeans
They've read about
New York scenes
Foreign girls
Sit and smoke
Perfume kiss
Could make you choke
Show their legs
And glance around
Looking for a thrill

Foreign girls
Young and old
Foreign girls
Bought and sold
Foreign girls
Hot and cold
Foreign girls
Made of gold

Everybody loves some
Foreign girls
Everybody wants
Some foreign girls
Everybody hates foreign girls
Foreign girls
Foreign girls
Foreign girls
Foreign girls

Right when I finished the lyrics
The foreign girls got up and left me
I thought for second about reading it to them
But I changed my mind
I watched them walk away
Like angels who brought me a song
And then as if all at once
the foreign girls
Were gone